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What We Do

When it comes to Facebook & Instagram ads, we’ve got you covered:

Facebook ads

We specialize in fully managed Facebook Ads for eCommerce businesses. With a highly experienced team, we deliver fantastic results.

Ad banner design

For a stunning Facebook ad banner,

we’ve got you covered! Our expert

team crafts eye-catching designs for

your business. Stand out and boost

your ROI!”

Instagram ads

We specialize in fully managed Instagram Ads for eCommerce businesses. With a highly experienced team, we deliver fantastic results.

True Specialists

As an advertising agency, we’ve adopted a unique and highly specialized approach that sets us apart in the industry. While many agencies work on various platforms, we have chosen to concentrate solely on Meta ads. This level of specialization provides us with a significant competitive advantage, enabling us to deliver exceptional returns on ad spend for our clients.

But we don’t stop there. Our commitment to excellence drives us to go beyond the typical single Facebook ad campaign. By investing millions of pounds and dollars in live Facebook ad campaigns, we have gained invaluable hands-on experience, which is key to consistently achieving outstanding results.

"At our agency, we are fully accountable for the ROI we generate. We specialize in Meta ads, crafting laser-focused strategies for ecommerce brands."

- about Jayed

Jayed Omor is a visionary owner of a Marketing Up Agency, with creativity and a skilled team.

Jayed Omor is a full-time Facebook/Meta paid ad marketing specialist and also done special training in eCommerce Business Development. He has 4 Years of experience in eCommerce Business and Marketing. With several years of experience in marketing and psychology, Jayed helped my clients grow their eCommerce businesses and double their revenues. He exactly know how to make advertisements stand out in the crowd. He delivers tailored solutions to client’s needs always want to deeply understand his client’s business. 


Our Main Goal:

  • High-quality work
  • Good communication
  • Client satisfaction
  • Long-term relationship

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